Advanced Performance Monitoring for Windows
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Product Information

Magnalis® PerfPro provides professionals true Windows system performance monitoring, with key capabilities not available in other utilities and products.

See all of your data
With PerfPro you can collect performance data for hours, days or even weeks. This data can be viewed in its entirety or in detail via zoom to see what happened in any specific time slice. With PerfPro you can see all of your data without losing the resolution and detail.

View data in many ways
PerfPro provides a classic chart view that can be zoomed and scrolled to any captured period of time. PerfPro also has an exclusive reporting capability that provides a comprehensive report with data and information for each recorded channel. PerfPro reports are fully customizable to display all of the information you most want to see.

Capture specific events
Many tests and monitoring sessions require attention to specific actions that occur during the course of the measurements. With PerfPro you can create events to tag and label precisely when these actions occurred. PerfPro allows you to add an unlimited number of events. These events appear on both the chart view and in reports so you can see precisely how the system performed during this time.

Share data with other applications
All charts and reports can be saved to disk and even imported/exported to or from a database or external file formats. Full clipboard support allows you to exchange data using Copy & Paste or Drag-and-Drop between PerfPro and other applications such as spreadsheets.

Print charts and reports
PerfPro supports print and print-preview for the charts and reports it generates. A long chart that spans multiple pages can easily be printed aligned for continuity across many pages or the chart can be condensed to a single page. Options allow you to configure exactly how charts and reports are printed.